People are Talking

I like how there’s a sense of freedom. The teachers give you choices. We sit at tables, not desks, so you can interact with other students. And because our class is so small, you can really interact with the teachers, too.

Grace, grade 6

We selected The Young School because it was a wonderful world that encouraged children’s curiosity and enthusiasm. It provided a worldly and artistic perspective to my daughter and gave her a playful, creative feel for language. Sasha loves learning: drawing, writing, science, and math. All this is due to the superb and devoted teachers at TYS.

Paul Martin, former parent

It’s a lot more fun here, because we do more activities like going on field trips. Also, it’s homey, being in one big classroom together.

Caitlin, grade 4

In the past ten years, I have seen both my children transform from Montessori kindergarteners into confident, curious, disciplined, and compassionate young people. As with all Young School students, my daughter merged easily into the public middle school, where she succeeded academically and socially. I’m looking forward to my son doing the same next year.

Kirsten Bickford, parent